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Here is a blackjack class that starts off with how to play blackjack, with the rules and basic strategy for beginners and another tutorial for seasoned players, with more advanced strategy and concepts like shuffle tracking and card clumping, different methods of card counting. Hi lo and speed count, and more. A blackjack 101 refresher course here in our gambling guide will tell you also about free games, free online blackjack which is the very place any beginner should be practicing before trying many live games. Although casinos are happy to teach you some basics, most casino BJ is expensive for a newbie. Try an online casinos for play money games, and microlimits BJ if you don't have a huge bankroll. It's a great place to learn. Blackjack classes are now also available in many community colleges, and may be useful. Ask the instructor where he plays: Online, blackjack tournaments, Foxwoods, Indian casinos, Las Vegas, bodog. What games he knows best will tell you something about what he has to teach you. The more types of games he plays, the better.
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